Participant Resources

Note that not all of the following resources will be relevant to all neurodivergent adults. Additionally, this list includes resources that could be useful for both neurodivergent and neurotypical people. NCBCE does not endorse all of the content in these resources, but we hope that you will find some of them helpful. Feel free to email us ( if you have a resource that you would recommend adding.

Creating a Resume

Checklist for Resumes — This is a basic checklist to help you edit your resume so that it looks professional and showcases your education and experience.

Creating a Resume from Duke University — The webpage and corresponding video are helpful resources for creating a resume. One thing to note is that in some cases it is appropriate for resumes can be two pages.

NC State Career Guide — Pages 20 to 37 discuss resumes. The Career Guide includes sample resumes.

Verbs to Highlight Your Accomplishments on your Resume

If you are currently a college student, consider taking advantage of career services at your school. The advisors can give you feedback on your resume. You may also be eligible to meet with an advisor from career services if you are an alum.

Job Searching & Careers

Disability:IN NextGen Leaders — For college students and recent graduates with disabilities. Students are matched one-on-one with mentors from Disability:IN Corporate Partners across all industries. — Check out the webpage where you can look at the salaries for various jobs, how many openings there are per year, and projected growth for job openings. This can be a helpful tool as one decides what type of postsecondary education to pursue.

NC DHHS: Job Seekers Toolkit — Detailed PDF with information, worksheets, and additional resources pertaining to job searching and applying for a position.

Industry-Developed Tech Certifications — LiNC-IT can fund the cost of getting these certifications for program participants. Contact with questions.

Saylor Academy — A nonprofit initiative that offers nearly 100 free and open online courses each built by subject matter experts. They span many different areas including professional development.

State Government Application Resources | NC Office of Human Resources — If you are applying for a job with the North Carolina government, this article has helpful tips. Important to note: "Each job listing has a 'Minimum Education and Experience Requirements' section. Pay careful attention to this section because if your application does not clearly document that you meet these minimum requirements, your application will not be considered for that job."

Workforce Recruitment Program (WRP) — The WRP is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal and private-sector employers nationwide with highly motivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to demonstrate their abilities in the workplace through summer or permanent jobs. Students should confirm with their college if their school is registered.

Accommodations, Employment Rights, and Employment Supports

Disability Discrimination and Employment Decisions

Job Accommodation Network — Website that outlines rights under the law, including how to disclose a disability in the workplace, how to negotiate accommodations, and additional resources, including a page on autism spectrum disorder.

Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (formerly Vocational Rehabilitation)

Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (EIPD) — EIPD can help support people in getting and staying employed through support like practice interviewing, identifying jobs, and job coaching. Also, under certain circumstances, EIPD can help fund higher education for clients; EIPD themselves, the Client Assistance Program, or the below mentioned documents can provide additional information.

Client Assistance Program (CAP) — CAP can help people navigate Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities if they have issues or want additional information. For instance, you can contact CAP if, “You have questions regarding the services available from a particular rehabilitation program.”

EIPD Casework and Service Delivery Policy — If you are interested in the details of Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (Vocational Rehabilitation) policy, these documents are for you. You can search within the document for certain keywords using the keyboard shortcut "Command + F" on Mac or "Ctrl + F" on PC.

Professionalism & Social Interactions

Friends With Boundaries: Handling Friendships in the Workplace

How to Negotiate Your Salary: 10 Tips to Earn More — This article is geared toward neurotypical people. Neurodivergent readers may want to disregard or modify some of its advice, e.g., “[maintain] eye contact”; one might decide to look at the manager’s forehead instead to give the appearance of maintaining eye contact.

Keep It Clean: Social Media Screenings Gain in Popularity

Laid Off from a Job

If you were a LiNC-IT intern and got laid off or fired, you can contact LiNC-IT again and submit another application for help with employment.

Life Tasks

Dad, how do I? — YouTube channel with many how-to videos that may be of interest to people, e.g., how to jump start a car.

How to Keep House While Drowning: A Gentle Approach to Cleaning and Organizing — By KC Davis. The book addresses self care as well.

Workflowy — A tool that people can use to help organize information and plan as an alternative to spreadsheets.

Health Insurance

Getting a Health Insurance Marketplace® plan — In some cases when people do not get health insurance through the employer, the government will subsidize them purchasing a plan through the Marketplace. Also, insurance companies sell individual health plans that are listed on their websites but not the Marketplace.

Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms — If you are new to understanding how to read a summary of benefits for health insurance, especially check out the definitions for the terms “coinsurance,” “copayment,” “deductible,” “out-of-pocket limit,” “out-of-network provider,” and “premium.” Also, look at the example on the last page, which illustrates some of those terms.

When picking out a health insurance plan, one may want to consider what their mental health coverage benefits are and which mental health providers are in-network.

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health


Budgeting — Another budgeting app which the article does not mention is Rocket Money, which is free.

Credit — Of note, the last section of the webpage (“Credit Resources”) tells you how you can request a free copy of your credit report; you can get three free copies of your credit report each year.

Investopedia — This could be a good resource for people who are stepping into a higher-income situation than they are used to and keep running into terms which they do not understand.

Planning Across the Spectrum — A former LiNC-IT intern recommended this financial planning service, which is geared towards neurodivergent people and their families. You can hire them to help you understand and navigate your finances, as well as insurance options.

Which Bank and Bank Account Should You Choose? — In addition to the aforementioned link, one may find other helpful articles on The Balance.

Avoiding Being Taken Advantage of and Cybersecurity

Avoiding Phishing Attacks — Not mentioned in the article but of note: when you access your email via a laptop, you can move your mouse over a hyperlink to view at the bottom of your screen the URL it will take you to.

Cybersecurity While Traveling

How to Avoid a Scam

Buying a Car

Dealer Fees to Watch Out for When Buying a Car

How to Buy Your First Car — When the article says, “Save up and pay for a car with cash if possible,” the use of the term “cash” does not mean physical dollar bills. Instead, it means not taking out a loan to pay for a car and paying for it with money one already has. The actual transaction may take place with a cashier’s check using funds from one’s checking or savings account.

Tactics car salespeople hope you don’t know — This article provides insider tips and tricks for buying a car. It is important to remember that “ don’t have to go through the entire process [of buying a car] in a single day. It is fine to take multiple days to make a decision.”

Tips for buying a car from a private seller